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Boudoir is completely personal. The sessions are tailored to making you feel like the badass woman that you are, and showcasing it. We all have an excuse as to why NOT to do a session, and I'm here to break down all of those doubts. Because you are worth it, and you deserved to be celebrated in this season. You deserve to see yourself the way everyone else does. Boudoir sessions are perfect for the new mom. The woman who just went through a breakup. The woman feeling self doubt. The woman whose a bad ass and she knows it. 

There is no right or wrong time to have your experience. There is only a perfect time, and its now. RIGHT NOW.  We play your favorite hype music, we laugh, we bond, and we make you feel like the amazing queen that you are. Boudoir sessions are done in my studio in Jacksonville NC, and hair and makeup can be added and done there. Youre able to bring up to 3 outfits, and buckle in for one of the most sessions ever. I cant wait to do this for you. To love you and watch you love yourself. LETS DO THIS.

Boudoir Experience

Not only did she make me feel comfortable, the photos were stunning

I have always loved boudoir photography and had always dreamed of having boudoir photos taken. I didnt think i would ever be comfortable with having them done but Samantha had me laughing the whole time. Not only did she make me feel comfortable but the photos were absolutely stunning. I can never be thankful enough to have met Samantha.

I couldn't of asked for anything or anyone better

I got my boudoir pictures done by Sam and se literally makes you feel so comfortable and gets you out of your shell while taking the pictures. The entire time you're laughing and talking you don't even realize that you're basically naked lol. I couldn't of asked for anything or anyone better! She made me legit feel like a goddess.

I felt like I had known her for years. Giving constant affirmation that I am beautiful & radiant even when the camera was off.

My experience with Sam in her studio was absolutely amazing, the second you meet her she makes you feel like family, loved & adored & confident. I was so nervous that I would feel uncomfortable or awkward in lingerie around someone I didn’t know but within minutes I felt like I had known her for years. Giving constant affirmation that I am beautiful & radiant even when the camera was off. She was a boost to my self esteem I didn’t even know I needed. It was the best experience with a photographer in my opinion, and her photography skills are a whole other level of glory all on its own. She knew my good side, my angles & was patient when I couldn’t stop laughing, she encouraged it actually. I recommend her to everyone & I will continue to. She’s the best of the best.



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