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If you’re interested in working with us, the best way to reach us is by either filling out the form or sending an e-mail to If you’ve filled out the form and haven’t heard from us in a few days, please email us directly.




what do we do if it rains or if it looks like it might rain?

Living in Eastern NC means lots of rain, and usually unexpected rain. If there is more than a 40% chance of rain at least 4 hours before your shoot time for your expected shoot, we will reschedule. Have no fear, we wont let a little rain ruin our parade! Weather reschedules will be planned immediately so that you have your session date asap!!

How far in advance should I book a portrait session?

The sooner the better! Weekends fill up SUPER fast, so if you know that you want to get a session in during a certain time, its better to get you on the books and start planning our time together! Plus having the extra time really allows us to get your outfits perfect and get to know each other even more before our shoot!

What should we wear? 

THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART. okay, maybe not like #1 but its up there! Heres the thing - I HELP YOU! Yep, you heard that right! I will literally help you with as much or as little as you need me to. Want me to style you head to toe, you got it. Just need help picking accessories, you got it. Whatever you need, im here to help!

We're awkard in photos and my kids never sit still.  

BRING IT ON. the fun thing about these sessions is that we are just creating memories. Lets take the pressure off of getting the perfect photo, and lets just let the kids play. Lets just interact and create magic that way! The cool thing about photos are that they are tangible time stamps. So lets just let those babies run, make your spouse laugh, and document YOUR memories.

How will I receive my photos? 

Within a few weeks of your session you will receive a email with your proof gallery. In there you will find a large selection of edited images from your session. From there you will choose your favorites that came with your package as well as have the option to purchase additional images. once your favorites are selected, your list will be sent back via email with a downloadable link to your high resolution images

The List

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