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Couples sessions are probably my all time favorite. I think thats where most clients are attracted to my work too and over 70% of my clients come to me for. To me a couples session is so much more than just capturing a few photos. I want to capture your love, now. In this moment. Because while we never stop being in love with each other, it changes over time. As we go over big milestones, grow our families, buy houses, move away, go through trials. Love grows with us. And I want to capture that for you. 

I want you to post these photos on social media and hang them in your house. I want them included in photo albums, and on your kids dressers. I want to document that bond that you have between each other. That you look at each other when you laugh, that your spouse always grazes your chin when you kiss. How you throw your head back when your tickled. Or how you can look away from each other for the whole hour. That means something to you, so it means something to me. I cant wait to dive into our session together and get to know who you are individually, and as a unit.

Couples photography

This experience will last a lifetime

“ I usually don’t open up to people quick and my husband isn’t the biggest fan of getting his picture take period . So I was nervous about the session. Several times I almost convinced myself to cancel and North Carolina gave my the biggest excuses of them all with a hurricane approaching but I’m so glad I didn’t bail on this experience. Sam made it seem so effortless. At times I was convinced I was gonna leave with some sort of injury because my husband is not a gentle giant when it comes to following instructions but it made for some amazing photos. I wanted a fall theme and Sam made that happen in 90 degree weather. Everything she does is pure perfection. This experience will last a lifetime. Thank you Sam for the memories both captured and experienced “

She is professional, but yet so fun and makes you feel like she’s been your best friend for 20 years

We first booked a session with Sam when she had just gotten back to the area. We were searching for a new photographer, but we are the type to find one we love and never change again. We loved her work, so it was a matter of her personality and how we all jived with each other. Needless to say, here we are a couple years and 11 sessions later. She is professional, but yet so fun and makes you feel like she’s been your best friend for 20 years. Whether it’s a cranky child, uncooperative spouse, wardrobe malfunction, spider attack, crazy weather or anything in between she will make her talents shine through and make magic happen. We are so blessed to have found her and have her capture our milestones and memories! 



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